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North Korea is the most dangerous place in the world for Christians

People bowing before North Korean tyrants Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang, North Korea
Credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

Open Doors is a Christian organization that monitors and reports on the persecution of Christians around the world

In its most recent release of the World Watch List, which breaks down the countries where Christians experience the most severe persecution, it put North Korea at the top beating out last year’s leader, Afghanistan, Premier Christian News reports.

Open Doors added that North Korea also received the highest negative score ever given a country for its persecution of Christians.

The increase was largely due to the passing of its “Anti-Reactionary Thought Law,” which criminalizes the use of any materials not published in the country including the Bible. North Korean officials have used this law to track down anyone who has been influenced by outside religious materials.

Open Door estimates that there are approximately 400,000 Christians in the country which has a population of around 26 million. Open Doors adds that upwards of 70,000 Christians are imprisoned in one of North Korea’s gulags.

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In its propaganda, honoring the 104th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung, the grandfather of the country’s current tyrant, Kim Jong-un, North Korea officials claimed that Billy Graham said he was God. READ: Billy Graham Called Kim Il-Sung ‘God,’ North Korea ‘Greatest Heaven,’ State Media Claims

And the regime also bestowed god-like qualities upon Il-Sung’s son, Kim Jong-Il, the father of the country’s current leader Kim Jong-un.

This included:

  • Hitting 11 hole-in-ones the first time he tried his hand at golf. It also resulted in the lowest golf score ever recorded in history.
  • Walking by the age of 3 weeks and talking by 8 weeks.
  • Writing 1,500 books and nine of the world’s greatest operas within a period of three years while attending university, and
  • Apparently, Kim Jong-Il never ever needed to use a washroom.

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