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Are offshore wind farms impacting whale populations?

There have been calls for a moratorium on further offshore windmill developments after a seventh dead whale in just over a month washed ashore near such a project off the coast of New Jersey, the Western Journal reports.

The latest death involved a humpback whale that washed up on a Brigantine beach on Jan 12, 2023, just six days after a similar incident a few miles down the shore at Atlantic City.

At this point, the cause of these deaths is unknown.

Calling it alarming, Cindy Zipf, the director of Clean Ocean Action, said she had never seen six dead whales washing ashore in just 33 days.

Many are calling for a moratorium on further offshore wind development until studies have determined if they are having a negative impact on whale populations.

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This is not the first time, concerns have been raised about the impact windmills have on wildlife.

In Alberta, Canada, a windmill farm was asked to shut down during migration season to reduce the number of birds being killed by its turbines. READ: TransAlta urged to shut down wind farm during migration season

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A planned wind farm in Australia was told it would have to be shut down for five months a year, because of the potential danger it would cause parrots. READ: Planned wind farm told it will need to shut down for five months a year to protect parrots

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