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Have a ‘Merry Winter Closure Period’

Maybe it is jut me, but our schools of higher learning seem to be getting dumber every day.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, the University of Brighton, based in Brighton England, recently sent out a nine-page memo to its staff telling them what words they can and cannot use. It was referred to as an inclusive language document.

Top of the list was their instruction not to say Christmas this season, because it is too ‘Christian-centric, instead, they were told to use the phrase ‘Winter closure period.’

So instead of saying Merry Christmas, the staff are apparently urged to say have a “Merry Winter Closure Period”.

Brighton insists this is just guidance for its employees, as it hasn’t officially banned the word Christmas on its campuses

Well, I have news for the University of Brighton, Christmas is a Christian celebration, and unless it’s also planning to change the name of Ramadam because it is too Muslim-centric, then this is just another example of anti-Christian bigotry and exclusion.

READ: Brighton University urges staff to not say ‘Christmas’ because it’s too ‘Christian-centric’ – and instead call it the ‘winter closure period’

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