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Regular Bible readers in America gave $145 billion in 2021

Credit: Timothy Eberly/

According to a report by the American Bible Society, people who regularly read their Bible, gave more on average than those of other subgroups, Christian Post reports.

According to its annual State of the Bible report, in 2021, people who are scripturally engaged were responsible for 44% of charitable giving in America, amounting to donations of $145 billion.

With an average giving of $2,941 in 2021, regular Bible readers also out gave other groups such as the ‘non-scripture engaged who averaged $924 that same year, and the ‘movable middle’ who contributed $649.

The scripture engaged were also more willing to give with 80% of this group making contributions in 2021, compared to 68% of the moveable middle and 53% of those considered to be non-scripture engaged.

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