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Wyoming Christian ministry wins legal battle allowing it to hire Christians

We had reported earlier, that state and federal agencies had threatened a Christian organization, Wyoming Rescue Mission (WRM), for refusing to hire non-Christians to fill positions in its faith-based organization.

The issue came to a head, when WRM did not hire a ‘self-proclaimed non-Christian’, to work in one of its Thrift stores. After being turned down, the individual complained to several government agencies, resulting in investigations and threats.

With the assistance of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), WRM sued the agencies involved stating it was preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that the actions of the agencies violated WRM’s freedom of religion rights guaranteed under the US Constitution.

ADF has announced that it has reached a settlement with the agencies who now acknowledge the WRM is a faith organization and can hire like-minded people to fill its positions, CBN reports.

In a statement, ADF Legal Counsel Jacob Reed said:

“The First Amendment protects Wyoming Rescue Mission’s freedom to hire those who share its beliefs without being threatened and investigated by the government. We’re pleased to favorably settle this case for the rescue mission so it can continue its critical work of serving some of Casper’s most vulnerable citizens and spreading the gospel.”

READ: Christian Ministry Wins Legal Battle, Will Be Allowed to Hire Christians

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