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Pastor arrested for witchcraft after healing sick mother

Men from the Beja tribe in Sudan.
Credit: Klaus Polak, Pseudonym Nikswieweg/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

Sudanese police have arrested Pastor Abdalla Haron Sulieman for praying for his mother who had a severe infection in her leg that prevented her from walking, Morning Star News is reporting.

Sulieman was actually inside his Presbyterian Church in the town of El Hasahisa leading a prayer meeting for his mother, Aisha Adam, who is 60 years of age, when the police showed up.

When people witnessed Aisha being healed, this resulted in others in the largely Muslim community seeking a similar miracle.

This angered Muslim extremists in the area, who complained to the police, that Pastor Sulieman was practicing witchcraft, resulting in his arrest.

Sulieman is still in jail waiting trial and Christians across Sudan took to social media demanding the pastor be released.

Sudan has a population of 43 million and approximately, 2 million are Christians.

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