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Meet a Canadian facemask zealot

Yes, there are some demanding that governments require students to wear facemasks again this winter to stop the spread of COVID.

Even her own fellow school trustees don’t agree with her.

Here are a few studies showing that facemasks are ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID:

READCDC: Schools With Mask Mandates Didn’t See Statistically Significant Different Rates of COVID Transmission From Schools With Optional Policies

READ: The astonishing data that may prove masks DON’T work as Covid cases in Singapore and New Zealand OVERTAKE Australia despite SUPER strict mandates: ‘They don’t matter’

READTwo top Oxford academics accuse Facebook of censorship for branding their article on whether masks work ‘false information’

READSo, what was the point? Cloth masks allow 90% of particles to filter through giving them little ability to prevent  COVID transmission, study finds

READBlue face masks are only 10% effective in preventing COVID infection, new study finds

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