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Over 500 anti-Christian hate crimes in Europe in 2021

Credit: David Dibert/

According to The Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe, there were more than 500 anti-Christian hate crimes in Europe last year, with many more unreported, CBN writes.

With 124 reports France had the largest number of anti-Christian hate crimes, followed by Germany (112), Italy (92), Poland (60) and the United Kingdom (40).

CBN provides a breakdown of the organization’s findings:

  • Anti-Christian hate crimes occurred in 19 European countries. There were 14 crimes of physical assault and 4 Christians were murdered for their faith.
  • Confirmation of the increasing self-censorship by Christians, resulting in what is termed a “chilling effect.” 
  • Christians from various denominations were subject to negative stereotyping and insensitivity by the media and
    political groups. This trend emerged particularly in relation to Catholics in Spain.
  • Christian-led organizations were banned from social media platforms for expressing dissenting beliefs, while insult and violent speech against Christians were permitted on the same platforms.
  • Ambiguously-worded “hate speech” laws and public order legislation have undermined the right to Freedom of Speech, leading to several unjustified arrests of street preachers, mainly in the UK.

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