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A simple Temple Pi mistake?

A 1906 rendition of Solomon’s Bronze laver
Credit: Wikipedia/Public Domain

In their attempt to mock and discredit the Bible, atheists and skeptics have pointed to 1 Kings 7:23, which described the Bronze Laver as being ten cubits from ‘rim to rim,’ with a circumference of 30 cubits.

The Bronze Laver, also called the Molten Sea, located in the temple’s outer court, sat on top of 12 oxen. It was where the priests washed their hands and feet before entering the temple (Leviticus 30:20).

Using the mathematical pi equation, which divides the circumference of a circle by its diameter, skeptics state that there is an error in the verse because if the sea of Bronze was 10 cubits across then the circumference should be 31.5 cubits.

But Creation Moments points to a verse, 1 Kings 7:26, that the skeptics seemed to have missed:

“What the skeptics fail to notice is that verse 26 informs us that there was a rim, with a width of a handsbreadth. A cubit is about 18 inches, while a handsbreadth is 4 inches. So the circumference is 540 inches. The rim-to-rim distance is 180 inches, but we need to subtract two handsbreadths to find the diameter of the vessel, which will be 172 inches. 540 divided by 172 is 3.1395, which is extremely close to the recognized value of 3.1416, giving a tiny experimental error of just 0.07% – well within the accuracy of any measuring device used at the time.”


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