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Major review of Australia’s response to COVID concluded lockdowns and school closures were a big mistake

A major independent review of how different levels of Australian governments responded to the COVID pandemic through lockdowns and the closing of schools and borders has concluded their response was a HUGE MISTAKE and cause unmeasurable damage.

The review was led by Peter Shergold, who currently serves as Western Sydney University chancellor, and is well respected by people on all sides of the political spectrum.

The review came to this conclusion after consulting over 200 experts from all fields including health and epidemiology,

Writing for, Joe Hildebrand provides more details:

Lockdowns were wrong. School closures were wrong. Border closures were wrong. Poor people were hurt the most.

These are the findings of the first and so-far only full inquiry into Australia’s response to Covid, an independent review funded by three major philanthropic organisation and headed by Peter Shergold, previously the most senior public servant in the country and now Western Sydney University chancellor — an eminent and highly qualified mind deeply respected on both sides of politics.

They were wrong and they caused untold damage that will be immeasurable and long-lasting. The inquiry makes this crystal clear.

“Schools should have stayed open,” the almost 100-page report found, stressing “it was wrong to close entire school systems, particularly once new information indicated that schools were not high-transmission environments”.

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At one point, the more extreme-left Australian governments were using helicopters with searchlights to determine if people were breaking curfew during the lockdowns. You know it’s bad when even Communist tyrants are mocking you. READChina mocks Australia’s draconian restrictions after Sydney used police helicopters and the army to enforce its ‘Zero Covid’ lockdown with just 17% of adults vaccinated

At the height of the lockdowns, in parts of the country, only one person was allowed to leave their home at a time during the day and police were actually going door to door to enforce it.

People were not allowed to drive more than five kms from their homes, meaning it was illegal for people to flee the tyrannical abuse to the safety of more moderate neighboring states.

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