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Did an administrator unlock school doors to help masked gunmen escape police capture?

If you are looking for another reason to pull your kids out of public school, this story may help.

The National Fraternal Order of Police recently sent out a tweet exposing the ‘woke’ administrators at a Cleveland high school who allegedly unlocked the front doors of their school to allow masked gunmen to enter. The second set of doors that allowed entrance into the school remained locked.

But the administrator allegedly did this in order to help these armed, masked men escape capture by the police.

The Western Journal provides more details of this allegation:

The nation’s largest police union blasted the “woke” assistant principals of an Ohio high school for allowing four masked gunmen to enter because they were more concerned that the police would apprehend the suspects than they were about the safety of the students hiding inside from the intruders.

In a scathing tweet Wednesday, the National Fraternal Order of Police savaged school administrators who unlocked the doors and let the gun-toting criminals inside Cleveland’s Garrett Morgan High School on Sept. 14 after the school went into lockdown.

The FOP — which represents more than 364,000 police officers nationwide — tweeted that the “reckless and dangerous” administrators “allowed MASKED GUNMEN to enter the school in order to protect the gunmen from *wait for it* police officers outside.”

The union underscored: “They risked the lives of CHILDREN to show how woke they are. Can’t make it up.”

There is much more to this unbelievable story. READ: Officer Begs School Not to Unlock Doors for Armed Men, But Vice Principal Did the Unthinkable

ON A RELATED NOTE: Christian teacher sues school after allegedly being fired for refusing to read LGBT books to children

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