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Enviro fanatics attack another ‘oil’ painting

Vincent Van Gogh painting, Sunflowers
London’s National Gallery/Wikipedia/Public Domain

A couple of environmental extremists associated with Just Stop Oil tried to vandalize a Vincent Van Gogh painting, Sunflowers, hanging in London’s National Gallery on Friday, Oct 14, 2022 as part of their protest against oil and gas development in that country.

The duo threw a can of tomato soup on the painting and then promptly glued themselves to the wall.

Other than minor damage to the frame, the painting was unharmed because it was protected by glass.

Van Gogh’s paintings have been a favorite target of eco extremists over the past few months, and other than the fact they are ‘oil’ paintings, it is uncertain why. A Van Gogh painting hanging at London’s Courtauld Gallery was targeted by eco extremists in June.

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Enviro fanatics hinder ambulance and fire trucks from attending emergencies

However, other protests by Britain’s environmental extremists have caused more serious problems.

Earlier this week, 32 members associated with environmental groups, Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain, blocked traffic at the intersection of three main thorough fares in London by gluing themselves to the road.

The resulting traffic jams hindered an ambulance and fire trucks with the lights flashing from attending to emergencies. As usual, Britain’s woke police force stood by and did nothing.

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British police offer to get coffee for enviro fanatics

People are now complaining about how useless Britain’s woke police have been in stopping these protests. At a protest held on Oct 11, 2022, police apparently offered to get coffee for the those who had glued themselves to the road.

LBC provides more details:

Nick Ferrari brands the police ‘useless’ and ‘pathetic’, after police approached and offered protestors coffee.

It comes after climate protestors, Just Stop Oil sat in the road blocking The Mall yesterday to object new fracking licenses proposed by Liz Truss. […]

Appalled by the gestures Nick read out quotes from Charlotte Lynch’s report, “I’d hate for you to get injured” “Can I get you a coffee”.

Nick: “These are cops that couldn’t nick themselves shaving, they’re so hopeless, why are they in the job?

READ: ‘How utterly pathetic!’: Nick Ferrari slams policing at climate protest

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