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Did Democrat Senator issue a call to arms against the pro-life movement?

Some are accusing Hawaii’s Democrat Senator, Mazie Hirono, of issuing a call for violence against pro-life groups in a speech in the US Senate on Wednesday, Sept 14, 2022.

The Blaze provides the details:

Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii said she was issuing “literally a call to arms” against the pro-life movement in a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday.

“When I hear my colleagues talking about how, you know, it should be states’ rights, or government should not be telling us what to do, the word ‘hypocrites,’ it doesn’t even go far enough to call them out on what they’re doing,” said Hirono during her speech. “This is an outright attack on women in this country. That is how I see it.” […]

Hirono ended her speech with the odd call to arms.

“Madam president, I yield the floor, but clearly, you know, this is a — literally call to arms in our country, I yield the floor,” she concluded.

READ: Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono issues ‘literally a call to arms’ against pro-life movement

Of course, this is nothing new. Pro-abortion groups have been attacking pro-life groups and churches since the Supreme Court draft of the decision overturning Roe vs Wade was leaked. This ranged from spraying graffiti to tossing Molotov cocktails.

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