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Ten murdered, 15 wounded in stabbing attack in Saskatchewan, Canada (UPDATED)

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Please pray for the James Smith Nation Band and the families and people impacted by this horrific violence.

UPDATE, Sept 9, 2022: After being arrested alive, apparently Myles Sanderson has died, possibly from an overdose. READ: ‘Collective sigh of relief’: Mass stabbing suspect Myles Sanderson dead after highway pursuit

UPDATE, Sept 8, 2022: Police report that the final suspect, Myles Sanderson, in the killing spree that saw 11 people die and 18 injured has been arrested. READ: Stabbing spree suspect Myles Sanderson arrested, RCMP say

UPDATE: What the Parole Board said about one of the alleged murderers, Myles Sanderson, before they released him earlier this year: “you will not present an undue risk to society.” READ: Saskatchewan stabbing suspect was not considered a risk by parole board, report shows

UPDATE: One mass stabbing attack suspect found dead, other may be wounded AND BREAKING NEWS: One of the two brothers suspected of killing 10 people in Saskatchewan is found DEAD: Canadian police say his wounds were ‘not self inflicted’ as they continue to hunt second man who has ‘lengthy’ criminal history

UPDATE: The number of people killed has been updated to 11 to include the death of one of the alleged killers and 19 injured to include the second alleged killer, who the police believe was also injured.

UPDATE: Police now say that 18 people were injured in the attack. READ: LIVE: RCMP says injured now 18 people as manhunt continues in Saskatchewan

On Sunday, September 4, 2022, two men, Damien Sanderson, and Myles Sanderson, allegedly killed 10 people and wounded at least 15 others in the Western province of Saskatchewan in Canada.

The attacks took place at 13 different locations on the James Smith Cree Nation band and the nearby town of Weldon, located in the northern part of the province.

All the victims were stabbed and while some seemed targeted, others appeared to be completely random. It has become one of the largest mass murders in Canadian history.

One of the suspects, Myles Sanderson, who was out on parole after serving a five-year sentence for assault and robbery, has been wanted by police since May after he stopped meeting with his parole officer. READ: Police confirm that hunt for James Smith Cree Nation suspect Myles Sanderson dates back to May

The two suspects are still at large, and it is believed they may be hiding in Regina, the province’s capital city. READ: Canada stabbing spree suspects ‘likely’ in Regina, Saskatchewan as police describe ‘relentless’ manhunt

Police are still uncertain what the motive was for the attacks.

READ: Mother of two, 77-year-old widower among those killed in Sask. stabbing spree

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