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The tyranny of ‘woke’ emails

A recent survey conducted in Canada by the Association for Canadian Studies found that the vast majority of Canadians, nearly 85%, do not add pronouns to their email byline. The survey also revealed that a slightly higher percentage, over 85%, do not believe people should be forced to add them, the National Post reports.

As the National Post explains:

Of respondents, 84.9 per cent say they do not add gender pronouns to emails or share at meetings and 15.1 per cent say they do. Similarly, the majority of Canadians (85.4 per cent) do not believe adding pronouns should be compulsory.

However, the numbers were slightly different for those who do cite their pronouns in emails. Among this group, the clear majority believe that all Canadians should be forced to cite their pronouns in their emails:

The National Post reports:

Canadians who do add their pronouns to emails and share in meetings think it should be required to do so: 58.8 per cent of those that share said it should be compulsory.

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