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Left-wing politicians turn Holland into narco-state

When Holland’s left-wing politicians aren’t trying to end farming in that country, they are busily turning the country into a narco-state, according to the head of the country’s police union, Jan Struijs.

Zero Hedge reports:

“I call the Netherlands a narcostate 2.0 because the drugs pump so much money into the legal economy that it takes over,” Struijs told Swedish broadcaster SVT, adding “It undermines democracy but also the economy.

What’s more, criminals are threatening people to get their way – influencing everyone from local politicians, entrepreneurs, civil servants, journalists and lawyers, according to the report.

SVT notes the case of veteran crime journalist Peter R. de Vries, who was shot last year in the streets of Amsterdam, dying several days later. The journalist had been advising a witness in the high-profile “Marengo” crime gang trial, for which the gang’s leader, Ridouan Taghi, was extradited to the Netherlands in 2019.

READ: Holland Has Become “Narco State 2.0”: Police Union Chief

Meanwhile, Holland’s socialist government is still pushing ahead with its plan to shut down 30% of the farms. Some suggest the government may even nationalize them. READ: Dutch Farmers Declare No Progress After First Sit Down with Govt, Vow ‘Stronger’ Actions

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