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The political attack on agriculture

Just so we are clear, the attacks on agriculture in Holland is not rooted in some desire to save the world from global warming, it is all politics.

That is why left-wing extremists are now threatening Dutch farmers, who have been protesting their government’s decision to limit farming in that country, to reduce CO2 emissions.

Breitbart provides more details:

The threat by far-left extremists in the Netherlands comes as farmers continue to fight EU green agenda measures in their country that could result in the closure of up to 30 per cent of livestock farms, something local government officials have decreed is part and parcel of an “unavoidable transition”.

According to a report by Der Telegraaf, extremists have threatened that they will soon occupy barns of “far-right nationalists” — also known as farmers trying to protect their livelihoods — in the country, and let lose livestock from their pens.

“From next week we will occupy livestock farms and free the animals from the mega stables,” the publication reports one online declaration associated with the extremists as saying, who also took time to denounce the farmers themselves.

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For the record: The left has a long history of its hated of independent-minded farmers. READ: How Joseph Stalin Starved Millions in the Ukrainian Famine: Cruel efforts under Stalin to impose collectivism and tamp down Ukrainian nationalism left an estimated 3.9 million dead

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