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Ants, not aunts, order books off Amazon

It is a bizarre story. But I want to make one thing clear, it is ants, not aunts, who ordered two books on behalf of a woman.

The New York Post reports the story about a Brazilian woman whose Kindle was taken over by a colony of white ants.

Mariana Vieira said in a blog post that she had not used her Kindle for a few weeks. When she decided to plug it in and use it, it refused to turn on. And when she started to fiddle with the charging port, hundreds of small white ants swarmed out of her device.

Apparently, the queen of a species of small white ants had decided Marianna’s Kindle was the perfect place to build a nest.

Then she started receiving notifications that she had bought two online books off Amazon. The first purchase was “Robots and Empires” by Isaac Asimov, and before she even had a chance to cancel that purchase, she was notified that she had also bought “O anel de Giges: Uma fantasia etica.”

It seems that the ants had somehow compromised the electronics of her now-charged device.

She was finally able to end the infestation after someone suggested she stick her Kindle in a freezer.

READ: Ants infest woman’s Kindle — and start buying books on Amazon

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