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Concerns that Communist China may be able to harvest data from US military bases

Communist China National Congress
Credit: Public Domain/Wikipedia/Voice of America

According to a report by Reuters, there are concerns in Washington, that the Chinese Communist Party may have the potential to harvest data from US military basis.

The Daily Wire provides more details:

Officials are concerned that Huawei, based in Shenzhen, China, could acquire information about the readiness status of nearby military bases. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr told the outlet that cell towers near Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana run on Huawei technology, presenting a “very real concern that some of that technology could be used as an early warning system if there happened to be, God forbid, an ICBM missile strike,” Carr told Reuters.

Likewise, Crystal Rhoades of the Nebraska Public Service Commission warned that cell towers owned by Viaero — which sources 80% of its equipment from Huawei — could compromise missile silos at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in nearby Wyoming. “An enemy state could potentially see when things are online, when things are offline, the level of security, how many people are on duty in any given building where there are really dangerous and sophisticated weapons,” Rhoades explained to Reuters.

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Concerns have also been expressed about companies based in Communist China buying land near US Air Force bases. READ: Chinese firm bought North Dakota farm near US Air Force drone base: report AND READ: Espionage Fears as China Buys Up US Land Just a Stone’s Throw from Major Air Base

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