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Ireland: Another country’s left-wing politicians target agriculture

Irish countryside with emerald green fields and meadows.

By the way left-wing politicians are acting, you would never know that the world is in a food crisis. But Ireland has now joined Holland, Sri Lanka and Canada in targeting agriculture.

Yes, Ireland’s political elite is also planning to save the world by starving it.

The Daily Caller provides more details:

Ireland’s Coalition leaders debated Tuesday the extent of new greenhouse gas emissions cuts for the agricultural sector ahead of a cabinet-wide meeting Wednesday, with the Green Party pushing for a 30% decrease, according to the Irish Times. Others argued that the potential goals unfairly targeted agriculture as “the only sector of the economy that has to make sacrifices,” Minister of State Patrick O’Donovan, who represents a rural area, said.[…]

Ireland’s possible emissions rule follows the Canadian government’s move Friday to require a 30% nitrogen emissions cut for the agricultural sector by 2030, which experts told the DCNF would slash production and contribute to the food crisis. And in June, the Netherlands mandated a 50% emissions goal despite acknowledging it could put livestock farmers out of business.

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The political elite want you to eat bugs

Apparently, the political elite wants the serfs, you and me, to eat bugs, READ: UN: Let Them Eat Bugs! AND Canadian snack foods now made with CRICKETS as primary ingredient

Meanwhile, the political elite will be dining on steak and caviar. READ Environmental activists blast menu at COP26 climate conference

Even Bill Gates is telling the serfs to eat bugs

Even Bill Gates is telling the serfs to eat bugs. READ: Bill Gates: Let them eat bugs!

Meanwhile, the same Bill Gates buys up US farmland. READ: Bill Gates’ purchase of North Dakota farmland has locals ‘livid’: official

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