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Poll: Huge majority of Americans believe the US headed in the wrong direction

A recent poll, conducted by the New York Times (NYT), revealed that the vast majority of Americans, and this includes Democrats, believe the US is headed in the wrong direction under President Joe Biden, the Daily Caller reports.

The NYT reports that overall, only 13% of Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction. And for those who voted Democrat, only 27% believe the US is heading in the right direction.

The Daily Caller provides more details:

The results are the lowest uncovered by New York Times (NYT) polling since the 2008 Great Recession, according to the outlet. Only 27% of Democrats believe that the country is going in the right direction, along with 5% of Republicans, the NYT found.

Americans are technically more pessimistic about the future of the nation than during the height of the COVID-19 lockdowns and shortly after the events of Jan. 6, one Twitter user noted. Previous polls typically find that voters aligned with the party in power are more “upbeat,” but this is no longer the case, according to the NYT.

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