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Britain: Gov’t warns that people will have to lower thermostats & change eating times this winter

Over the past few years, the British government has been closing down coal power plants and nuclear energy in its move to green energy (solar and wind).

The results of those decisions, compounded by the Russia-Ukraine war, are now coming home to roost.

The government recently issued a warning, that its citizens will need to lower their thermostats and start changing the times when they have meals this winter, or millions of people will face rolling blackouts.

Breitbart provides more detail:

In order to prevent blackouts in the winter months, infrastructure tsar Sir John Armitt said that people should be told to turn down their thermostats and to not cook during peak hours such as 6 pm to 8 pm in order to reduce the national demand for gas supplies.

“The Government could ask people to turn down their thermostats. I’d be amazed if the Government didn’t do this at some point this winter,” Sir John told The Telegraph.

READ: Turn Down Heating and Change Cooking Times or Face Blackouts, British Public Told

Ultimately, there is a risk that climate policies will do to Europe what Marxism did to Latin America. A continent with all the conditions for widespread prosperity and a healthy environment will impoverish and ruin itself for ideological reasons.” — Ralph Schoelhammer, Newsweek, 7 July 2022

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