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It’s an ‘oil’ painting, obviously

Eco fanatics superglued to Van Goh painting of Peach Trees in Bloom
Credit: Euro News/twitter capture

Two eco zealots in Britain, connected with the organization Just Stop Oil, recently superglued themselves to the frame of Van Gogh’s Peach Trees In Blossom hanging in London’s Courtauld Gallery as a protest against global warming.

It goes without saying that it is an oil painting.

One of the protestors, Louis McKechnie, is making a name for himself as an environmental fanatic, having tied himself to the goals posts during a recent professional soccer match.

The Daily Mail writes:

Despite his age, McKechnie is a seasoned disruptor who has caused havoc in recent months with Insulate Britain’s protests on major UK roads.

The mechanical engineering student was one of nine demonstrators hauled to the High Court for breaking a government injunction stopping the thugs gluing themselves to carriageways including the M25 last year.

READ: Just Stop Oil eco zealots risk ten years in prison after targeting Van Gogh’s Peach Trees In Blossom in latest superglue stunt

Meanwhile, in the US

According to a Fox News report, eco fanatics are now slashing tires of SUVs in New York City.

Fox News explains:

A group of climate activists has started a campaign to randomly slash tires of parked SUVs across the U.S. in an effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The Tyre Extinguishers — a group that originated in the U.K. and has expanded to various European nations — conducted its first “action” in New York City this week. The group vowed to conduct similar operations in cities nationwide.

READ: Climate activists slash dozens of SUV tires in NYC, say ‘major cities’ across US to be hit next

One more reason to leave NYC. READ: Why New Yorkers are fleeing to Texas and Florida in droves

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