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How the Holy Spirit moved on the NYC mafia

In an article on Charisma News, Eddie Hyatt shares how the Holy Spirit played a remarkable role in restoring the spiritual life of a former pastor and member of the New York City mafia.

Eddie and his wife Susan had just moved into their new house, when their next-door neighbor, who they described as a tough-looking 50-year-old woman, introduced herself as a backslidden pastor from Brooklyn.

They knew immediately there was more to this story, including untold hurt, that would take a work of the Holy Spirit to restore this woman back to God.

And that is exactly what happened.

One morning as they were in their car, the Holy Spirit fell upon Susan as they were driving by Adele. Susan, who had rolled down her window and called Adele over, began speaking in tongues.

Eddie explained what happened next:

I was sitting in the passenger seat and had the interpretation, which was a prophetic word for Adele. I knew that I should look her in the face and so I leaned across Sue in the driver’s seat, looked Adele in the face, and said, “Adele, God is saying to you, ‘My daughter, you are precious in my sight.'”

Adele burst into tears and then broke out praying in tongues and we had revival there in our driveway. God bonded our hearts together. She later came to our home and shared how she had grown up in a Catholic, mafia family in Brooklyn and had joined the mafia herself on becoming an adult. However, one of her uncles and his wife had come to Christ and invited her to church. She went and had a glorious encounter with the Lord.

And there is much more to this story, as this opened the door for the Holy Spirit to move on the New York City mafia.

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