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Communist China appointed to WHO’s executive board

Communist China National Congress
Credit: Public Domain/Wikipedia/Voice of America

Having just appointed North Korea to head its nuclear disarmament forum, the UN continued its blundering ways by electing Communist China to the executive board of the World Health Organization (WHO), Breitbart reports.

Yes, this is the same country that most believe:

That country is now helping to run WHO, and many are concerned that the Communist regime will dominate the other despotic countries that have been elected to the WHO board.

Breitbart reports:

Columnist Ross Clark of the Spectator noted on Saturday that the W.H.O. executive board is now ‘stuffed with small countries, many with lousy human rights records, which will not dare to challenge China or which will not have the political clout to do so.‘” 

READ: China Elected to World Health Organization Executive Board

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