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Poll: How many pastors have a Biblical worldview?

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A recent poll conducted by George Barna found that only 37% of America’s pastors/church leaders hold a Biblical worldview.

Now to be fair some of the 1,000 church leaders surveyed undoubtedly included Liberal churches, where they even allow atheists to pastor a church.

Nevertheless, George Barna, who heads Arizona Christian University’s Cultural Research Center, stated the survey revealed that our secular culture is having a shocking impact on the beliefs of Christian leaders.

The survey asked the opinions of church leaders in eight categories and in only one did the majority reflect a Biblical worldview, where 57% help a Biblical opinion on purpose and calling.

However, it was not the same for the remainder of the questions, where only a minority of pastors and church leaders held a Biblical worldview on the issue:

  • 47% held a Biblical worldview when it came to Family, Value of Life. Undoubtedly this included their opinions on abortion;
  • 44% held a Biblical worldview when it came to God, Creation, History. This would suggest they question the Genesis account;
  • 43% held a Biblical worldview on Sin, Salvation, God Relationship. In other words, only a minority of pastors or church leaders believe that people are sinners and are saved by believing Jesus died for their sins;
  • 40% held a Biblical worldview on Lifestyle, Behavior,
    ; and
  • Only 39% held to a Biblical view on morality and the concept of absolute truth.

The survey also analyzed the results based on the person’s position in the church — senior pastor, associate pastor, teaching pastor, executive pastor, and children or youth pastor.

What concerned Barna is that though the senior pastors held the most Biblical worldviews in all eight categories, youth and children’s pastors had one of the lowest.

According to Barna, this is disturbing because children develop their worldview by the time they are 13 years of age.

“From a worldview perspective, a church’s most important ministers are the Children’s Pastor and the Youth Pastor,” Barna said in his news release on the survey.

“Discovering that seven out of every eight of those pastors lack a biblical worldview helps to explain why so few people in the nation’s youngest generations are developing a heart and mind for biblical principles and ways of life, and why our society seems to have run wild over the last decade, in particular,” Barna added.

The group with the lowest Biblical worldview rating were the Executive or Administrative pastors, where only:

  • 14% held a Biblical worldview on God, Creation, History;
  • 7% held a Biblical worldview on Sin, Salvation, God Relationship; and
  • 8% held a Biblical worldview on Bible, Truth Morals.

We all want to be accepted, and there is intense pressure to conform and fit into society. We don’t want to stick out as odd or different.

Who likes being mocked and even threatened. Such as what happened to a pro-life center in Wisconsin that recently had its building set on fire by a Molotov cocktail after a Supreme Court draft leak suggested it might be overturning Roe vs Wade.

The attackers even left messages on the group’s answering machine, such as “Burn, little Jesus freaks,” and “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t, either.”

But in the face of this, Paul urges Christians that we are to resist this pressure to be patterned, molded, or conformed to this world, and we are to be transformed by changing the way we think (Romans 12:2).

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