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Survey: One in 10 pastors contemplated suicide in the past year

A 2021 survey conducted by Faithlife revealed that over one in 10 pastors contemplated committing suicide over the past year. This was a surprising indicator of the increasing stress that pastors faced during the COVID lockdowns, where church leaders were not only faced with restricted services, but as well the need to transition to an online ministry. In its report entitled, 2021 Pastoral Mental Health Report, Faithlife added that pastors also felt the pressures from the growing “social and political unrest” in society, that was even spilling over into their congregations. In addition, nearly 35% of the pastors survey reported feeling burned out, with 40% of pastors between the ages of 25-40 reporting they agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that they’re sensing a burnout in their ministry. Faithlife CEO, Bob Pritchett, noted: “We knew it [COVID} took a toll on pastors, but we weren’t sure how it would look. This survey gives us a greater understanding of both the needs of pastors and ways we can help them as they shepherd us.” It …

Houston Mayor withdraws subpoena of five city pastors

[by Dean Smith] Houston Mayor Annise Parker said today she has told the City’s Attorney David Feldman to withdraw Houston’s subpoena of the speeches, emails, notes and texts of five city pastors related to homosexuality, gender identity and Houston Mayor Annise Parker — the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. The subpoena shocked people across America as it violated the pastors’ First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Religion. Many believed the city was trying to intimidate those who opposed a bill the city passed this past May that allowed men and women to use washroom facilities and showers of the opposite sex. If a biological male identified himself as female, he would under the law be allowed to use female facilities.