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McDonald’s offering a chance to win a tarot card?

CBN is reporting that McDonald’s restaurants in the US are giving people a chance to win a tarot card if they use the McDonald’s app to purchase fries.

CBN explains:

In an unfortunate infusion of occultism, customers using the McDonald’s app to buy a medium order of fries were given a free McDouble or McChicken and the chance to snag a tarot card reading.

McDonald’s reportedly partnered with Madam Adam, a tarot card reader with expertise in astrology, to offer readings to select customers. To “win,” customers reportedly needed to go to Madam Adam’s Instagram or TikTok posts to share their Zodiac sign and name.

Apparently, the offer coincided with the appearance of the Mercury retrograde, which gives the optical illusion that Mercury is going backwards. According to astrologers, this event can cause people to go through difficult times on earth.

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Now, the Bible does warn of signs in the sky, but they are just indicators that God is releasing judgments on the earth. Unlike astrology, these astronomical events are not the cause of the judgments.

We recently had some curious events or signs, including blood-red skies in China and a super Blood moon in the US.

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