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Mosque leader poisoned by wife after converting to Christ

Kampala, the capital city of Uganda
Credit: Douglaseru/Wikipedia/ Creative Commons 4.0

Morning Star reports that an Islamic teacher and leader of a Mosque in Eastern Uganda was poisoned by his wife on April 2, 2022, shortly after he made the decision to become a Christian.

The wife became concerned after her husband, Hiire Sadiki, 56, had decided not to participate in some rituals associated with Ramadan, and she heard him praying in Jesus’ name.

According to the report, Sadiki had become a Christian on March 27, 2022, after lengthy discussions with a Christian Pastor in the area of Butaleja District.

Morning Star reports:

“She realized that I had converted to Christianity,” Sadiki said. “She questioned me because of the mode of my praying. I told her that I had believed in Issa [Jesus].”

His wife had studied the Koran at Bugembe Islamic Institute and knew verses about punishment for apostasy, and she left the room and began phoning Muslim leaders, he said. She then returned and started preparing supper.

“After 30 minutes, a lady who is a neighbor arrived and went to the kitchen, and after a short while, she left,” he said.

His pastor told Morning Star News that Sadiki suffered convulsions and vomiting after eating. The former sheikh phoned him, and the pastor went to Sadiki’s house and took him to a hospital.

The hospital staff initially treated Sadiki for food poisoning, but when that treatment failed to work, further testing revealed he had consumed rat poison.

Though, he was successfully treated for his condition, while in hospital his wife left, taking their three children.

Only 12% of Uganda’s population are Muslim, but they are concentrated largely in Eastern Uganda.

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