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Canadian pastor alleges mistreatment while in prison

The arrest of Pastor Artur Pawlowski by Calgary police — YouTube capture

Polish-Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski, who found himself in jail for 51 days for preaching at a Freedom Truck Convoy protest taking place at the Alberta-Montana border, alleges that he was mistreated while in prison.

It was the fifth time that Pawlowski, who pastors Cave of Adullam Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and also grew up under communism, had been imprisoned.

During his latest incarceration, Pawloski ministered to the inmates and even led a Bible study attended by about 20 prisoners.

However, Pawlowski alleged mistreatment while in prison, and also alleged that inmates claimed that jail personnel were trying to bribe prisoners to beat up Pawloski.

Fox News provides more details:

Pawlowski was taken to Calgary Remand Centre, where he alleges he was treated poorly. He said he was placed for a time in a small metal cage, not given water for a whole day, and deprived of both his glasses and a Bible for several days. He claimed he was strip-searched repeatedly, spent many hours in solitary confinement and was made to sleep on cold concrete.

Some prison guards were respectful and even intimated to him their belief that he was a political prisoner, but he said others exhibited cruelty. Protests gathered daily for more than 40 days outside the jail, which he said prompted the prison administration to punish the other inmates on his behalf by placing all of them on lockdown.

“They were punishing the entire prison because of me,” he said. “And then they paraded me in front of the inmates, saying, ‘That’s the guy. You’re being punished because of him. So if you have a chance to do something, that’s the villain, that’s the guy.'”

“And I think that was the scariest time,” he added.

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