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University’s bizarre trigger warning on Ernest Hemingway book

Atlantic blue Marlin
Credit: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Wikipedia/Public Domain

When you look at the events unfolding in the world today, you can only shake your head at what is taking place in our halls of higher learning.

The Daily Mail reports that Scotland’s University of the Highlands and Islands has put a trigger warning on Ernest Hemingway’s classic novel, The Old Man and the Sea, so its woke history and literature students won’t be traumatized by the novel’s contents.

So what is so disturbing about this 1952 novel involving the story of an old Cuban fisherman’s battle to catch an 18-foot Marlin?

Well, apparently it contains, and I am not making this up, ‘graphic scenes of fishing.’

University of Exeter professor, Jeremy Black, told the Daily Mail:

‘This is particularly stupid given the dependency of the economy of the Highlands and Islands on industries such as fishing and farming. 

‘Many great works of literature have included references to farming, fishing, whaling, or hunting. Is the university seriously suggesting all this literature is ringed with warnings?’

READ: University warns woke students that Ernest Hemingway’s classic novel Old Man and the Sea contains graphic scenes … of FISHING

Dr. Jordan Peterson’s warnings about universities

This is why famed, former University of Toronto Psychology Professor, Jordan Peterson, warned students to avoid certain university disciplines because they have been corrupted by woke, left-wing ideology.

The Toronto Sun explains:

Outspoken University of Toronto Prof. Jordan Peterson says his latest mission is to try to “stop (university) indoctrination in its tracks” by advising freshman students to avoid certain disciplines “like the plague.”

“Those university disciplines which have been “corrupted” by what he calls the Post-Modernist (neo-Marxist) academics include Women’s Studies, Racial Studies, Sociology, Anthropology and English Literature — with the very “worst offenders” based in the faculties of education.

“(The neo-Marxist) professors are playing these insane bordering on murderous intellectual games (with their students), he told a crowd of nearly 700 at the first free speech summit in downtown Toronto Wednesday evening.”

READ: Jordan Peterson: Certain university disciplines ‘corrupted

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