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Chinese Communist Party orders a Finnish Olympic athlete to delete videos?

Is anyone watching the Beijing Winter Olympics? I know I am not.

But that’s not to say there aren’t some interesting things happening, but it’s all political, of course.

According to the Daily Mail, reports are circulating that China’s Communist tyrants ordered a Finnish athlete, cross country skier, Katri Lylynpera, to delete videos she had made of water pouring from the ceiling in the hotel where she was staying.

The Daily Mail explains:

The footage shows entire corridors being drenched in water after pouring through the light fixtures in yet another embarrassing moment for the much-maligned event.

But when the cross-country skier shared the videos of the flooding online, she was ordered to take them down at once, according to reports on social media.

It comes after China warned athletes at the games that they will be ‘punished’ if they stage any form of anti-Beijing protest.

Apparently, it’s bringing shame upon the Chinese Communist Party.

READ: China ‘orders Finnish Olympic cross-country skier to delete images of flooding in athletes’ village’ after she posted clips of a ‘waterfall’ cascading from light fittings

Will the Russians be allowed to continue cheating?

And the Beijing Winter Olympic committee has decided to allow a Russian figure skater to continue competing after testing positive for a banned substance. The Daily Mail reports that she was classified as a ‘protected person’ and there were concerns the ban would hurt her career. READ: Final nail in the coffin for Beijing’s shameful Winter Olympics: Outrage as Russian skater Kamila Valieva, 15, is CLEARED to continue at Games because banning her over doping claims ‘would cause her irreparable harm’ 

For the record, the Russians had previously been banned from the Olympics for doping. READ: Russia banned for four years to include 2020 Olympics and 2022 World Cup

Meanwhile, nobody is watching the Olympics

According to several reports, nobody is watching the Olympics on TV in America. People are calling it a rating nightmare, with some suggesting they are half of the viewership of the South Korea Winter Olympics held in 2018. I wonder why? READ: NBC confronts ‘difficult’ Olympics ratings amid China’s ‘complicated’ relationship with rest of the world AND NBC’s Winter Olympics Ratings Are Heading Toward a Historic Low

COMPARE THIS OLYMPIC RELATED HEADLINE: MSNBC producer raises eyebrows by referring to ‘China’s alleged human rights abuses’ WITH THIS HEADLINE: China’s 260 concentration camps are proof of pure evil

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