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Study: British young people purposefully exposed to COVID as part of an experiment

The COVID virus
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Remember how the medical elite demanded lockdowns because of how deadly and dangerous COVID was. And today, some doctors are even calling for children under the age of five to be vaccinated for the virus.

Apparently, not all doctors feel that way.

A group of British doctors from Oxford University purposefully exposed a group of young people to COVID, as part of an experiment to gather data on the virus.

The trial took place in February 2021 and involved an earlier, more deadly variant of the virus, than Omicron

A group of 36 healthy males and females, ages 18 to 29, had all volunteered to participate in the program called the Human Challenge.

After being exposed to the virus, the group was initially quarantined and then tracked for the next 12 months.

The trial found after exposure:

  • Only half of the group, 18, contracted COVID;
  • Symptoms started showing up within two days;
  • None became seriously ill;
  • Of the group that tested positive for COVID, 16 experienced mild to moderate symptoms such as a runny nose, headaches, muscle aches, and sore throats and two had no symptoms;
  • Thirteen lost their sense of smell, but 10 regained it within 90 days. The remaining three took longer to regain their smell, with one taking upwards of six months; and
  • Despite 18 not testing positive for COVID, researchers found traces of the live virus in the noses of 16 of them.

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