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CBC expresses fake outrage about the trucker protest in Ottawa

Canada’s Parliament building in Ottawa, Ontario

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is Canada’s state-run, taxpayer-funded TV broadcaster. In other words, they are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s public relations firm.

Of course, the Prime Minister is outraged by the thousands of truckers in Ottawa, calling for an end to Trudeau’s COVID mandates. So one of his dutiful CBC reporters, Hannah Thibedeau, dug deep to find something to enrage people, a neat pile of bagged garbage.

You see, during their protest in Ottawa, the truckers have been cleaning up after themselves.

As Jonathan Kay explains in his article in the National Post:

In true Canadian fashion, protesters even began policing one another’s behaviour. This included setting up ad-hoc litter patrols to clean up everyone else’s mess — leading to the unintentionally hilarious spectacle of CBC reporter Hannah Thibodeau trying to drum up outrage with a tweeted picture of neatly arranged garbage bags.”

Kay also had this to say about the protest:

The Ottawa police, who’ve been the adults in the room throughout all this, have predicted most trucks will be gone by mid-week. But the spirit of demented agitation now roiling Ottawa’s progressive cadres will last far longer. One particularly McCarthyist Instagrammer, Kelsey Grace, has been curating a published list of Ottawa businesses that are “actively supporting” truckers. The catalog of accused entities includes (and I am not making this up) a french-fry truck, a restaurant that specializes in shawarma (that favourite delicacy of all white supremacists), and a diner with a sign reading “20$ trucker special.”

READ: Jonathan Kay: To Ottawa progressives, the trucker convoy is a military invasion they are bravely resisting

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