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Thousands of truckers heading to Ottawa to protest Trudeau’s COVID mandate

A massive convoy of trucks, “Freedom Convoy 2022”, is heading to Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, to protest a recent decision by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to require all transport truck drivers coming into Canada from the US to be fully vaccinated.

This convoy that is estimated to include 35,000 to 50,000 vehicles is not an anti-vaxxer protest as some are trying to suggest, but rather it is a protest against Trudeau’s COVID mandates as many of them are fully vaccinated.

The rule that came into effect on Jan 15, 2022, banned unvaccinated American drivers from bringing essential vegetables and fruits into the country. The mandate also requires unvaccinated Canadian drivers traveling to the US to quarantine for two weeks when they return to Canada.

The truck convoy, that started in Canada’s most western province, British Columbia, will gather trucks as it travels east through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Western Ontario before arriving in Ottawa on Jan 29, 2022. They plan to gather at Canada’s Parliament and demand an end to the mandates.

A truck caravan that started in Edmonton, Alberta was estimated at being close to 40 kms in length before it linked with the convoy out of British Columbia, bringing the total length to over 70 kms.

Caravans organized in Eastern Canada are coordinating their arrival in Ottawa with the Western-based Caravan.

The protest, which includes dozens of American truckers, has caught the attention of media around the world.

A GoFundMe page, set up to help pay for the costs of the protesting truck drivers, has already collected $4.7 million. But GoFundMe is not releasing the money until it receives a plan on how the money will be spent.

With the arrival of the milder Omicron variant, many governments are slowly ending the lockdowns and even the requirement for a vaccine passport.

However, there are a few politicians still desperately clinging to the ‘good ole days’.

Most of the tractor-trailer drivers arriving into Canada from the US simply unhitch their trailers for unloading and then pick up another trailer before heading back south.

READ: Truckers heading to Ottawa to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandate AND GoFundMe withholding $4.7 million from trucker convoy until plan presented AND 50,000 trucks heading toward Ottawa to demand an end to COVID mandates

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Coincidentally, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will miss the truckers’ arrival at Parliament Hill, because he was just exposed to someone who tested positive with COVID. Though the Prime Minister tested negative, he will be working from home during his five-day isolation period. READ: PM Trudeau in isolation after COVID-19 exposure

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  1. Dear Dean

    Many thanks for your post. Very convenient for Justin Trudeau to have tested positive. I am sure this has nothing to do with the truckers arrival. Probably. When I say probably I mean possibly. I think, I am not quite sure.

    Kind regards



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