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China requiring Olympic athletes to download an allegedly ‘dangerous’ app onto their phones

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will require everyone including athletes, coaches, and journalists attending the Olympics in Beijing, February 4-20, 2022, to download an app called MY2022 onto their phones, tablets, and computers.

Governments around the world are now warning athletes and coaches not to take laptops or their personal phones with them because of the serious security issues associated with this app. They recommend taking a burner phone, that can be thrown out after the Olympics. READ: Olympic Athletes Advised to Take Burner Phone to China As Smartphone App Has Security Flaws

Breitbart provides more details on MY2022:

The University of Toronto team dug into MY2022’s privacy policies and found that, like many other Chinese apps, there are “several scenarios” in which app is programmed to disclose private information without the user’s consent – including, but not limited to, “national security matters, public health incidents, and criminal investigations.”

The Chinese Communist Party has a habit of declaring everything a “national security matter,” so this amounts to a blanket license for Chinese intelligence operatives to grab any user data they deem important. Citizen Lab found the privacy policy was rather vague about whether any sort of court order would be required for seizing personal information.

Perhaps most disturbingly, the report found numerous critical security flaws in the app, including obvious flaws like the failure to validate electronic security certificates for secure connections or encrypt sensitive data. A good deal of sensitive data from users’ phones would therefore be vulnerable to “passive eavesdroppers” connected to the same wifi network.

Many suggest the ‘critical security issues’ are not actual flaws, but rather a feature that allows the CCP to monitor all the user’s activity.

While the International Olympic Committee seems completely fine with the CCP’s invasion of people’s privacy, others are wondering why Apple and Google are allowing MY2022 to be uploaded to their app stores. One possible explanation: READ: Popular Bible, Quran Apps Deleted From Apple’s Chinese App Store After Government Pressure: REPORT

READ: Mandatory Olympic Athlete App Gives China Data Goldmine

RELATED: The Chinese Communist Party issued a warning to Olympic athletes that political protests including criticism of the CCP and its delusional leader, Xi Jinping, is illegal and could result in punishment. READ: China warns foreign Olympic athletes that political statements during games ‘subject to’ punishment

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