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Britain’s MI5 exposes Chinese spy targeting British politicians

The Daily Mail reports that Britain’s spy agency, MI5, has issued a warning to British politicians that the Chinese Communist Party has allegedly been spying on politicians in that country, including several prime ministers, for nearly a decade.

The Daily Mail explains:

A warning memo sent to MPs said her ‘political interference activities on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party’ have been secretly monitored by the security services for years.

The twice married mother of two from the West Midlands has openly given around £670,000 to the Labour Party since 2005, including donating more than £600,000 to Brent North MP Barry Gardiner – who employed her son.

But yesterday it was revealed she also courted a wide range of Tory and Labour MPs, cultivating contacts with cabinet ministers and prime ministers in what was described by MI5 as a deeply sinister campaign of ‘interference across British democracy’. 

READ: Chinese spy who targeted UK Prime Ministers: Communist agent was in David Cameron’s delegation to China, got an award from Theresa May and paid for MP’s trip to Beijing over a decade in halls of power

RELATED: Why DID Labour’s Barry Gardiner take £600k from a Chinese spy? Ex-shadow minister who backed China’s bid for UK nuclear projects says he only found out Christine Lee was a communist agent from MI5 TODAY and ‘didn’t discuss policy with her in great detail’

Britain is not the only country to report problems with Chinese Communist Party spies:

READ: Finland Catches China Trying to Spy on National Parliament

AND IN THE US, READ: Report: Alleged Chinese spy got so close to Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell that federal investigators had to step in to alert him

Holland has warned its athletes attending the Beijing Olympics not to bring along personal cell phones or laptops because of cybersecurity fears. READ: Athletes Given an Unprecedented Warning Before Competing in Beijing Winter Olympics

READ: How Beijing uses its billions to buy political influence around the world: From £685bn invested in the Commonwealth, building 5G ‘spy’ networks to ‘take-overs’ through Latin America and Africa… as China’s British ‘spy’ is revealed 

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