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Survey: 80% of Evangelicals would like to see at least one change in their church

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While a recent study conducted by Grey Matter Research and Infinity Concepts found that the majority (74%) of Evangelical church members are happy with their church, 80% would like to see at least one change.

The survey of 1,000 Evangelical Christians asked them to provide their opinions on 14 areas of church services and culture. Only those who regularly attended a service or watched online were included in the survey results.

The survey revealed the top five areas where people most wanted change:

  • 38% of those surveyed were dissatisfied with the amount of outreach;
  • 33% were not satisfied with the size of the congregation;
  • 32% were not satisfied with the style of music
  • 32% were dissatisfied with the amount of political messaging/involvement; and
  • 31% were not satisfied with the amount of in-depth teaching.

But though these top areas of concern seem straightforward, they actually aren’t.

Infinity Concepts CEO, Mark Dreistadt, noted that even though nearly a third of churchgoers wanted changes in the style of music, 15% wanted more contemporary music, and 18% wanted more traditional music.

And while 32% were dissatisfied with their church’s political messaging or involvement, nearly 22% wanted less and just under 11% wanted more.

The survey also provided the top three areas where people were most satisfied with the services:

  • 88% were satisfied with how often they were asked to donate money;
  • 85% were satisfied with how long the sermons were; and
  • 85% were satisfied with the length of the service.

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