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Free speech victory! European court rules in favour of Christian bakery

Credit: Ashers Baking Co/
Credit: Ashers Baking Co/

The recent decision by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is being hailed as a victory for ‘free speech,’ after the court refused to hear a case brought against a Christian bakery by a gay activist, declaring it ‘inadmissible’.

Since 2014, Ashers Baking Co based in Northern Ireland has been involved in a prolonged legal battle with a gay activist, Gareth Lee, after the bakery refused to decorate a £36.50 cake with the wording ‘Support Gay Marriage.’

The bakery owners, Daniel and Amy McArthur, who are Evangelical Christians, had no problem providing the cake but were unwilling to put on wording that violated their religious beliefs.

The Daily Mail reports that McArthur’s legal fees, which reached £250,000 through its seven-year legal battle, were fortunately covered by the Christian Institute, an organization dedicated to defending religious freedom in Britain.

After Britain’s Supreme Court ruled in favour of the Christian couple in 2018, the gay activist, unsuccessfully, took the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Christian Institute Director, Simon Calvert, stated that the ruling was ‘good news for free speech, good news for Christians‘.

And then added:

I’m surprised anyone would want to overturn a ruling that protects gay business owners from being forced to promote views they don’t share, just as much as it protects Christian business owners.”

During the early stages of its fight, gay activists in Britain publicly supported the Evangelical bakers because they also didn’t believe gay bakers should be forced to promote views they don’t agree with.

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