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Evangelical Christians in Burgas, Bulgaria go to court over city’s scare tactics

Downtown of Burgas, Bulgaria
Credit: Ivanistudio/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

Evangelicals in Bulgaria, located in Southeastern Europe, have been under increased pressure from government authorities.

Christian Post writes that two Evangelical pastors, Zhivko Tochev and Radoslav Kiryakov, have approached Europe’s court of human rights because of the actions of city and school officials and police in the city of Burgas.

They allege that in 2008, city officials sent a letter to schools and students warning them about Evangelical Christians and any religious group outside the Greek Orthodox Church.

In their letter, they accused evangelicals of “carrying out a massive campaign of agitation … tricking new members … disuniting the Bulgarian nation

They were also accused of having “mental aberrations and disorders” and even asked students to report anyone who might be part of an evangelical group.

The two pastors are asking the court to reign in the Burgas authorities who have caused considerable damage to the evangelical community in that city. The city has not rescinded its letter or apologized for its actions.

It is similar to what the Apostle Paul and his companions experienced in Thessalonica after they led several Jews to accept Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

Jealous of their success, Jewish leaders incited a mob against the group, stating, “these men who have caused trouble all over the world have now come here” (Acts 17:6).

Though they were unable to find Paul or Silas, the group dragged Jason and other members of the Thessalonian church before the city council. The city leaders forced Jason to post a bond or financial security, that would be forfeited if there was any more trouble arising because of the church (Acts 17:9).

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