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Study: Over 40% of COVID cases were asymptomatic

The Daily Mail reports that an analysis of nearly 100 studies across Europe reveals that 40.5% of those who contract COVID didn’t actually have symptoms of the disease.

In other words, they didn’t get sick.

The studies also showed that for those under the age of 20, over 60% reported no symptoms, and for those aged 21 to 39, nearly 50% had no symptoms and oddly 54% of pregnant women were also asymptomatic.

And this does not include the significant percentage who only had mild symptoms and confused it with a cold or allergies.

The majority of these studies took place during the earlier stages of the pandemic and are not an indicator of what is taking place with Omicron, which is a much milder form of the virus.

READ: Four in 10 Covid cases are asymptomatic and pregnant women are most likely to be ‘silent carriers’, major study of 30m people finds

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Who is vulnerable to COVID?

As noted previously, it is the elderly and those with underlying health issues who are most vulnerable to COVID.

Since the virus arrived in 2020, there have been 29,678 reported deaths from COVID in Canada, including those who died from other issues, but also had COVID. Over 70% of the deaths are among those aged 60 and over.

Number of COVID deaths in Canada by age group, effective December 10, 2021

Age groupNumber of COVID deaths

Percentage of deaths in long term care homes

An earlier CBC report revealed that effective March 2021, 69% of the people who died of COVID in Canada were living in long-term care homes.

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