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Omicron’s cold symptoms

The political and medical elite are now demanding lockdowns over Christmas due to the emergence of the new COVID variant, Omicron.

In his latest video on Omicron, Dr. John Campbell provides a breakdown of the top five symptoms you can expect from this variant:

  1. Runny nose;
  2. Headache;
  3. Fatigue (mild or severe);
  4. Sneezing; and
  5. Sore throat.

Yes, you should start hoarding tissues, aspirin, and throat lozenges.

In this video, Dr. Campbell also provides a breakdown of COVID and Omicron cases around the world.

He has a report from South Africa, where Omicron started, on the current state of affairs. It is now four weeks into Omicron, and one medical person told Campbell:

The medical people I interact with at the hospital are far more optimistic than I’ve seen them since this all began in April last year. Nobody wants to tempt fate or speak too loudly just yet … It’s like walking on eggshells at the moment – But there are open beds and they’re not filling up just yet – in fact, there are 2 more beds now than last weekend.”

Though Omicron spreads quicker than previous variants, its symptoms are so far less severe.

And similar to the past, vulnerable people, the elderly, and those with underlying health issues should be careful and make sure you are taking vitamin D.

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