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Padding of COVID stats continues?

With the emergence of Omicron, the Daily Mail reports that some are suggesting that medical authorities in Britain are up to their old tricks — padding the COVID count.

While Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) reports that there are currently 5,697 COVID patients in Britain’s hospitals effective Dec 7, 2021, a closer look revealed that over 25% of them are being treated for other issues. This included car accidents, broken legs, and even women who had recently given birth.

But they were quickly included as COVID cases if they tested positive for the virus in the hospital, even though they are being treated primarily for other issues.

And several are calling for more honesty and are demanding the NHS quit exaggerating the number of COVID cases.

READ: NHS is urged to STOP counting thousands of Covid ‘patients’ who are actually being treated for other illnesses: Data shows a QUARTER of infected Brits in hospital were admitted for different conditions

Of course, this has been going on for months. It basically started once COVID became politicized. They say the first casualty in any war is the truth.

And evidence continues to emerge that though Omicron is more infectious than previous variants, it is a much milder form of the virus. READ: Is THIS why Omicron is spreading so rapidly? Study claims ultra-infectious variant replicates in airways 70 TIMES quicker than Delta… but it struggles when it reaches the lungs in more proof it may be milder

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