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Gordon Ramsay abandons California for Texas

Famed celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, has joined a multitude of major corporations and moved the headquarters of his restaurant business, ‘Gordon Ramsay North America’, from California to Texas.

According to the Western Journal, this move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area will coincide with a major expansion, as plans are afoot to open 75 new restaurants across the US over the next five years.

Citing a report in The Dallas Morning News, the Western Journal provided a couple of the reasons why Ramsay’s company is abandoning California:

But perhaps the biggest reason why Gordon Ramsay North America moved its headquarters from California to Texas is hidden in the second to last paragraph of the Morning News article.

“’Abdallah (CEO) and Ramsay were also enticed by the tax benefits in Texas,’ the outlet wrote. ‘Plus, the cost of living adjustment [from California to Texas] is pretty substantial,’ Abdallah says.”

READ: Gordon Ramsay Ditches California, Moves Business HQ to Texas Over Taxes and Cost of Living

And when they are not fleeing California, businesses are simply closing their doors. READ: More CA Walgreens close due to “organized retail crime”

And perhaps the clearest indication of the mass exodus taking place in California is that for the first time in 171 years, the state reported a population decline in 2020, as it shrunk by 180,000 people.

So why are people leaving?

The Daily Mail explains:

Families and firms are being driven away by the high cost of living, crime fears, hefty taxes, inadequate housing, interfering officials, persistent political failures, red tape, raging wildfires and the squalor of streets littered with homeless drug addicts.”

READ: California nightmare: How high taxes, rampant crime, suffocating wokery, streets littered with homeless addicts, and years of liberal policies are blamed for ruining the Golden State… as thousands of families flee to Republican Texas and Florida

It goes without saying that the state government’s left-wing policies are behind this exodus.

It coincides with that age-old saying: ‘Socialism works until it runs out of other people’s money.’

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