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Shocking: ‘NY Times’ says it’s time to quit fearing COVID

The New York Times building in New York City
Credit: Ajay Suresh/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

A shocking article in the New York Times could hopefully be the start of a major shift in thinking about COVID.

With the emergence of the latest COVID variant, Omicron, which most acknowledge is a weakened version of the virus, the medical and political elite are demanding a return of full lockdowns and masks.

However, in a recent editorial, the NY Times says Americans need to quit being ‘paralyzed’ with fear and learn to live with COVID.

Fox News explains:

The New York Times editorial board wrote Saturday that it didn’t believe the coronavirus pandemic would be going away in the near future, and that Americans “paralyzed” with fear needed to learn to live with the reality of the virus in their lives. 

In a Saturday editorial, the board declared it was “past time” for Americans to ask themselves if they had to keep living under the thumb of the pandemic, implored them to let the progress the country has made to sink in, and suggested actions that could be taken to allow life to return to normal. 

READ: New York Times editorial: Too many Americans still ‘paralyzed’ by coronavirus fears

It’s an astonishing admission from a liberal publication that has been a major voice in the fearmongering associated with the virus.

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