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Shocking: ‘NY Times’ says it’s time to quit fearing COVID

A shocking article in the New York Times could hopefully be the start of a major shift in thinking about COVID.

Children: COVID trauma vs COVID reality

We have bike paths near our home that I ride regularly. We are outdoors and don’t need to wear masks, and nobody wears them riding or walking the paths. Well almost nobody. The only ones I have seen wearing masks are children. Absolutely ridiculous. If you read the stats, children with no underlying health issues have nothing to fear of COVID. We have had 26,000 COVID deaths in Canada as of June 25, 2021, but only 13 of them were under the age of 19. Breakdown of COVID deaths by age group in Canada as of June 25, 2021: Those over 80 account for 65% of COVID deaths Those over 70 account for 85% of COVID deaths Those over 60 account for 94% of COVID deaths. Those over 50 account for 98% of COVID deaths Those under 50 account for 2% of COVID deaths So why are children so terrified of COVID? I am just guessing here, but I don’t think children are watching the late night news, so I suspect their fear of COVID …