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Canadian province allows grocery stores to ban the unvaccinated

According to a report by True North, effective Dec 4, 2021, the Canadian province of New Brunswick is allowing grocery stores and pharmacies to ban unvaccinated people from entering their premises to buy food and necessary medicines.

It is uncertain if the province’s grocery stores will go along with the government’s attempt to starve the unvaccinated into submission.

Some grocery stores do provide home delivery services, that would allow the unvaccinated to still eat. But this is often not available in smaller communities.

Many are stunned by this extreme measure, as the province is currently being led by the Progressive Conservative Party.

Others are equally shocked that conservative politicians across Canada have not condemned this blatant disregard for human freedoms.

This lack of protest even sparked a tweet by famed University of Toronto professor, Jordan Peterson:

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, a Canadian legal organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of Canadians, sent a letter to the New Brunswick government stating:

“An invitation to the private sector to consider such egregious discriminatory practices triggers historic Charter violations. Potentially depriving citizens of food constitutes an act of cruelty.

“It is discriminatory, unconstitutional, and likely an offence under international law. No one should be barred from the ability to purchase food to feed their family.”

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