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NYC to require all private sector workers to be vaccinated as of Dec. 27, 2021?

Fox News reports that New York City’s Democrat mayor, Bill de Blasio, just announced that effective Dec. 27, 2021, all private sector employees in the city must be vaccinated.

De Blasio made the announcement in an interview on Monday, Dec 6, 2021 on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The vaccine requirement that de Blasio described as a “preemptive strike” will affect 184,000 private businesses in New York City.

In addition, as of Dec. 14, 2021, all children aged 5-11, will require vaccination to participate in extracurricular school activities, and they will also be required to show proof of having received one vaccination before being allowed into other public venues such as restaurants.

READ: NYC Mayor de Blasio announces COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private sector workers

US President Joe Biden has been trying to implement a similar vaccine mandate on businesses employing more than 100 people, but has already lost several court challenges over the issue. READ: Biden hit with string of legal losses on vaccine mandate, as DOJ vows to ‘vigorously defend’ it in court

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