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Banning ‘Christmas’ in the EU?

According to the Italian newspaper, Il Giornale, the European Union (EU) published a document telling bureaucrats that they should no longer use terms, such as ‘Christmastime’, because they might offend people. It recommends using terms, such as ‘Holiday Time,’ instead.

Breitbart adds that the Il Giornale received a leaked copy of the paper entitled, European Commission Guidelines for Inclusive Communication, produced by the EU’s Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, a left-wing politician from Malta.

After the document was printed on several news websites, several politicians responded.

Jorge Buxadé, a Spanish MEP, said, “we are going to say Christmas, Mary, Bethlehem, Joseph, Jesus and whatever we want, when we want,” and Italian politician, Giorgia Meloni, added, “Enough is enough: our history and our identity will not be erased.

The document also forbid the use of gendered language, such as ‘ladies and gentlemen.’

Because of the uproar over its release, the EU is now walking back the document.

Earlier, this year, Dalli had banned the use of ‘mother’ and ‘father.’

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Will the EU be banning Jews next?

Of course, if the EU wants to ban terms because they might ‘offend’ people, will the EU’s Commissioner for Equality be banning Jews as well? READ: Gang of men are caught on video spitting at bus full of Jewish teenagers celebrating first night of Hanukkah in Oxford Street

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