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Video: Dr. Campbell compares Ivermectin with Pfizer’s new COVID drug

We have all been aware how the mainstream media and medical elite have been bashing Ivermectin as a potential cure for COVID. Some, like CNN, have even tried to mock the drug by calling it as a horse dewormer, despite it being used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

But several studies are suggesting that it is an effective treatment for COVID and in this video, Dr John Campbell does an analysis of Pfizer’s new COVID drug that also appears to successfully treat COVID and compares it with Ivermectin.

Dr Campbell suggests that the two drugs work in similar ways.

As one YouTube commenter noted, “Best video on this material I’ve seen. My son has just graduated as a doctor (super proud dad, of course) in Australia and this is the next thing he is going to watch. I must admit I had to laugh out loud when you mentioned the 6 cent cost of IVM vs the $3,000 cost of Remdesevir and you did it with such a straight face. Masterful control of your emotions as the temptation for cynicism or humour must have been immense!

And one commenter added that if you share this video on Facebook, you may also get a Fact Checker warning saying, “Dr John I got a big fat “misleading and missing context” warning from “independent fact checkers” at Facebook just by sharing this video. That’s a real stamp of approval I reckon!

Ivermectin tablets for human use
Credit:tajpharmaceuticalsltd/Wikipedia/Cretive Commons 4.0

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